Ogun was born in Istanbul in 1991 and started to listen electronic music at the age of 17. In 2009 he made his first steps in electronic music with the album “All The Way”. He made his music for free for a few years and improved his skills. In 2012, he remixed the track “Illes Balears” by Andromdha and it was released.
In the following year his remix to the track “TAW” by Baran Ozhan was released Smart Phenomena Records which is a sublabel of Proton. Ogun started to play at radios at the same time while producing his second album with Murat Bilgin at 2014 which was later released on Vectiva Evolutions. After that he worked with Murat Bilgin on all of his projects. The duo made their remix to Askin Dedeoglu’s track “Don’t Say” on Tall House underground and was featured on three compilation albums. His latest track with Murat Bilgin “When You Came” Track was supported by most famous DJs. Lately Ogun played as a guest for Rank 1’s radio show. In following times, he joins as guest DJ to play for

FG Radio which is the biggest radio for electronic music in Turkey. For Frisky, Ogun plays once at Frisky for In Between radios how which is hosted by Addliss, then makes second guest for Deep My Way by Bobby Deep. He becomes “Artist Of The Week” on FriskyRadio then he builts his new radio show “Metropolis”. Turkish artist, plays at many locations around Europe. Now, Ogun is making his new original tracks and remixes to release and make his his name well-known. Ogun Celik made a new remix for ‘Free And Independent! by Bosnian producer and DJ “Adnan Jakubovic” also some remixes and original tracks on the way. As FriskyRadio artist, he starts his own show called “Metropolis”. Released his remix for Burakcan’s “Nevermind” on Lowbit Records.